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A1 prepaid

Monthly plans

Activate Monthly plan 600 and you get 10 GB for Instagram.

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Monthly Plan

Just in A1

Add-ons just with Monthly plan for 99 RSD

Add-ons can only be used by users of Monthly Plan 300 and 600, not valid for new users who have activated the free Monthly Plan 300.

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A1 prepaid is richer now

Choose gift add-ons in the Moj A1 app

Choose A1 prepaid, download the Moj A1 app and enjoy gift add-ons until the end of the year.


Why Monthly plan?

To enjoy in prepaid that fit your needs every month.


New user?

If you are a new A1 Prepaid user, you have the first Monthly Plan 300 for free.

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Online top up

Top up credit online

Top up prepaid number whenever you want and wherever you are. The top upped credit an is valid for three months, and the minimum amount of the top up is 200 dinars.

Prepaid add-ons

Boost your prepaid

Whether you want extra gigabytes for surfing at home or abroad? Need more minutes for the talk and more text messages?

Legal text:

All prices are shown in RSD, with included VAT.

The promotion "Od tebe počinje" is valid from April 7, 2021. to 31.12.2021. for prepaid users activated until 1.6.2021. Not valid for prepaid internet tariff users.

Call setup is free of charge. Call charging 60/60s.

A1 Prepaid card price is 300 dinars.

Top up credit is valid for 90 days in national traffic from the date of top up.

Unlimited minutes in A1 have priority for consumption.

100 minutes or SMS, as part of the promotion, maybe spent either on minutes or SMS up to a maximum of 100 minutes or SMS.

Unlimited minutes in A1 have priority for consumption.

If the user has enough credit, monthly plans are automatically renewed every 30 days and unused traffic is not transferred to next month.

If the user buys a second monthly plan and the first activated plan still has not expired, the remaining content is added to the content of the newly activated monthly plan and lasts until the expiry date of the last activated monthly plan.

Within the Monthly Plans, the Internet for the chat applications includes in the national traffic all the functionality of the Viber service (sending messages, photos, videos and audios, conversations and video calls, sending emoticons, sticker, etc. within the Viber application), as and all functionality within WhatsApp, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger, with the exception of voice and video calls.

Internet access for Prepaid customers is only available by using promotion or internet add-on.

Service and price
Calls to fixed and all mobile networks in Serbia
11,9 RSD
Conversations with Call center agent
SMS (national)
5,9 RSD
SMS to international networks
15 RSD