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Započni kupovinu

After graduating from the Faculty of Economics, where he majored in Statistics, Informatics and Quantitative Finance, Đorđe Vuksanović successfully completed the EMBA studies at Cotrugli Business School. He was the winner of the second generation of the AmChamps program organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia, as well as as an “Innovation challenge” organized by A1 Telekom Austria Group.

He started his career at NLB Nova Penzija, then he moved to ASSECO SEE. He joined Vip mobile (now A1 Serbia) in 2009 in the Product and Service Development Team. During his ten-year career with Vip, Đorđe has had the opportunity to work on all key activities related to customer lifecycle management - from product creation and acquisition proposals, keeping track of existing customer base to managing customer experience.

Since November 2019, Đorđe has held the position of the Senior Transformation Director at A1 Serbia and A1 Slovenia. He is responsible for ITBSS, Portfolio Management and Digital Transformation at A1 Serbia and A1 Slovenia. At A1 Serbia, he is also responsible for development of products, services, marketing communications and customer experience management.